The Latest Dream from Lux Moderna – ‘This is Right’

A little past one year ago, I began collecting, documenting, and indulging in the women of the underground music world.  Women who empower each other with their talent, women who stand up to stigmas, break through the status quo, and gracefully walk the line of equality with their masculine counterparts.  I began this collection with the dreamlike musings of Lux Moderna in the piece, The Hauntingly Beautiful Realm of Lux Moderna.  Today I bring you her newest song, This is Right.  Impeccably delicate with a beautiful use of space, This is Right is a strange dream.  A minimalist piece reminiscent of the Purity Ring, with its layered vocals and strong use of contrast.  It is hypnotic and mesmerizing, nothing less than beautiful, as what we have come to expect from this eclectic artist.  This is Right was specifically released on March 8th in celebration of the Solar Eclipse, International Women’s Day, and Lux‘x sister’s birthday – a strong dose of feminine magic, an alchemical flame quite prominent in Lux‘s work.  When I inquired on her thoughts of this piece, she stated…

“I’ll tell you that it’s one of my favorite tracks to perform live because when I attune to it and dance, the words I sing move me towards my center, and I feel balance and contentment in trusting myself to know what is right for myself in the present moment. I wrote it in Boulder when I was doing some soul-searching and feeling deeply grateful for the beauty in my life, as I felt so safe and surrounded by the majesty of Nature. I was inspired by the Flat Irons (such beautiful mountains!) when writing this song and chose the artwork by Lindsay Semilla to show the power of the mountain in uniting Heaven and Earth, Up and Down.  I also performed it for the first time live with dance right before Ott on the main stage at Sonic Bloom in 2014…it was EPIC.”


 This is Right is a pay what you wish, however it is always encouraged to support the artists as funding goes toward mastering and other album costs.  Please enjoy this powerful gift and share its magic far and wide…

Lux Moderna will be performing in Portland on Friday, March 11th for the ༺ Goddess – A Celebration of the Divine Feminine ༻ event with CloZee, Lila Rose, Bibi McGill, and the Sisters of Sol Nectar.

Find Lux Moderna on:  Facebook || Bandcamp || Soundcloud

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