ALIA’s Feminine Medicine – The Graceful Path Toward Female Empowerment


As I continue to immerse myself further within the electronic layer of the music industry, I have developed an ever growing desire to seek out and explore strong females who have made a career for themselves as producers and DJs.  Being a female in the electronic music industry can be a bit complicated at times.  Let’s face it – being a female in any industry can be complicated at times.  That beings said – there are ways to face that challenge.  Ways that embrace what we as females embody as part of our intuitive nature.  Ways that do not insult or demean the other side, but that strive for the intricate balance that illuminates the brilliance that HUMANS hold when executing our fullest potential.  No boundaries.  No fears.   I welcome you to the enchanting world of the femme-mystique, ALIA.

ALIA – a powerhouse in the Female Empowerment Movement, is one of the strongest and hardest working women I have ever known.  Her background ranges from that of life coach/mentor to female libertarian entrepeneur – honing diverse skills and the motivation to cultivate her passions and see them to fruition.  ALIA’s passion for female empowerment thrives through her foundation Femvolutionan organization to help women feel safe and free to embrace their full feminine expression, where she offers group and one on one mentoring programs.   ALIA was also chosen to be featured in: nü Icon Movie, a fascinating interactive online media project created by award-winning Artist, Laura Hollic, in what she describes as The Journey to Feminine Liberation.

However, to properly portray the complete essence that is ALIA, let us focus on what reigns fire in her spirit, the foundation of her art – her music.  As a producer, DJ, and vocalist, ALIA creates experiences that convey raw, ancient sounds with seductive bass, Middle Eastern instrumentation, and fierce vocals.  An ecstatic range of octaves that stimulate the nervous system and has the ability to induce a trance-like state whether you are attending a festival or in your bedroom.  From her original productions, to her DJ mixes, to her live shows – one can easily find themselves radiant with passion riding the waves of a genre whose roots continue to grow strong within her spirit – that genre being Sacred/Temple Bass.

Now that you have been given a glimpse into ALIA’s eclectic mind and Renaissance Woman ideals – I want to talk about her most current project.  A project that is filled with so much soul, so much love, so much passion, and a plethora of unique talent – Feminine Medicine.  An original album project, stage show, and a platform to feature more women’s artistic voices. The album will feature 13 original songs that are collaborations between Electronic Music Producer ALIA and at least 16 other female vocalists, instrumentalists, and electronic music producers. The stage show will be created to the music of the album in partnership with at least 10 professional choreographers and dancers.  

What exactly has ALIA done with this project?  What makes Feminine Medicine different and worth supporting?  She brought women together.  She created a platform where women can celebrate their talents and showcase how far they have come in an industry that has been predominantly male for quite some time.  ALIA has utilized her strengths and set the stage for women to be empowered by each other as well as our scene.  And yet, there is more.  A very significant and imperative component to her formula.  ALIA has partnered with “the masculine”.  Perhaps my most favorite part of her endeavors, ALIA has managed to shine a necessary light onto the importance of balance within the sexes.  It is through this balance that women will be seen as the powerful forces of nature that they are.  As a proponent of equality and unity – ALIA is giving life to the Female Empowerment Movement by encouraging the beauty and strength that exists when the male counterpart is honored equally.  The importance of balance within the yin and the yang has been taught for centuries now and how beautiful to see the manifestation of this philosophy within the soul of music.  Please visit the Kickstarter for ALIA’s project.  Should you be inspired, I encourage you to support Feminine Medicine whether it is through donation or simply sharing.  The dawn of a new age of equality is upon us – and what better way to see its light than through powerful, collaborative art.

“I saw an opportunity to bring women together in partnership to create a project that can create ripples beyond what each of us might be able to create ourselves and shine the spotlight on the incredible talents of the women involved by featuring us together. I also saw an opportunity to create beautiful music that can move both hearts and bodies on the dance floor.”


The contributing Feminine Medicine Artists include: Ali Kane, Aleksandra Dubov, Amadora, Prrisma, Amae Love, Amma Lightweaver, DJ Dakini, Eleanor Tara, Heather Christie, Imagika Om, Kaia Ra, Kyrstyn Pixton, JemInEye, Liquid Love Drops, Prrisma, and Wahkeena Sitka. Choreographers include Eve Olution,  KC Baker, Sonya Stewart, and, Tenley Wallace, and confirmed dancers include Sofia Thom.  Contributing artists will continue to grow as the project grows. Supporting producers mixing the album are Chris James, Jordan Hansell aka Geometrae andTheo Brahma of Entheo, final mixing and mastering: Dubvirus


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