An ATM Exclusive: ‘Love Letters Vol. 4’ – Teknacolor Ninja

Throughout this ever so intriguing path of music journalism, I have been contributing to a personal project of showcasing the rise of impeccably talented women in the electronic music scene.  Thus far, it has been quite a pleasure to say the least, as I have not had any sort of difficulty sourcing these ladies out; given the rise of female empowerment that has paralleled the rise of this particular scene.  These women are strong, making their mark, and their music intelligence is simply undeniable.  One such lady who embraces her beautiful feminine strength with a plethora of technical ability and talent, is the luscious Teknacolor Ninja.

Miss Ninja, currently residing in the electronic music hot spot that is Philadelphia, has blown the east coast away with her phenomenal DJing abilities of keeping the dance floor as sexy as can be, while balancing an intimate connection with the self.  She intoxicates you and keeps you feeling absolutely gorgeous amongst the dripping sweat and thick bass. Her newest mix, is just that…and more.

Today, we at All the Machines are proud to offer you an exclusive for the next 24 hours – the fourth volume of a lovely project that Teknacolor Ninja has been working on for quite a bit now.  Sweetly entitled, Love Letters Vol. 4, this mix is raw and poetic – a bold journey into the ever so delicate realm of intimate relationships.  This journey is rich – from light-hearted romance to dark passions filled with fire and lust, complete with slick, clean transitions, as well as being skillfully curated.  Miss Ninja is at the top of her game with this one, and while you’re indulging in her world, check out Love Letters Vol. 1, 2, and 3 as well.   Aside from her own sophisticated nature, Ninja is a powerful influence for aspiring female DJs, as she is one of the strong voices within the up and coming Athena Collective – a fabulous group of women ranging from all aspects of the electronic music world based in NYC, Philly, LA, and more.  Keep your eyes on her – she is about the take the electronic music world by storm in a fiercely feminine stylee that is uniquely hers, in all her glorious colors, and seductive beats.  Trust me, you will find yourself begging for more with this one…


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  1. Jess J

    “…blown the east coast away with her phenomenal DJing abilities of keeping the dance floor as sexy as can be while balancing an intimate connection with the self as well…” YES YES, well put, Jex! Teknacolor Ninja is one of my long-time DJ inspirations. She presents you with an opportunity to get curious about the way your body can journey along with sound, and in this mix series, it’s explicitly an emotional invitation. She’s always grinning behind the decks and encouraging the room to get real and get wild, and she brings her full third-culture kid self to sonically-diverse dancefloors. I’m excited to see her at several festivals this summer!

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