An Invitation to The Intergalactic Speakeasy 2.0 by Mr Jennings

At long last, the gangstas of electroswing have indulged us!  Located within an old brick building, glowing red at the corner of Crunk and Swing St., Mr Jennings’ The Intergalactic Speakeasy 2.0 is open for all of your glitched out, space booty pleasures.  Hailing from the eclectic musical dominion that is Richmond, VA, Mr Jennings is back with volume 2 of his infamous and highly acclaimed The Intergalactic Speakeasy. Fifty five minutes of sexy bass and a groove that can hypnotize cats, Mr Jennings’  2.0 version invites you to his darker, more seductive side while keeping his signature bumpin’ crunk stylee and time warping you to some weird intersection between the 1920s and 3000 AD.   As you venture through the secret crevices at the most bumpin party this side of the Milky Way, you find yourself down a twisted rabbit hole of a dive piano bar, guiding you to a cocktail of hip hop and swing, garnished with some tasty psychedelia. It is clear that Mr Jennings had a strong foundation in hip hop (and cats) before turning to the electronic music world.  Add in yummy trap beats, glitch hop, motown, tropical rhythms, and Mr Jennings’ midtempo bass remix of Squirrel Nut Zippers, any guest of the Intergalactic Speakeasy will be sure to not leave disappointed.  In the words of Mr Jennings

“I like to envision Tom Waits, Ella Fitzgerald, and Outkast playing a show together on Tatooine. That’s what I think of when I say Intergalactic Speakeasy”

Accept this invitation of Mr Jennings’ journey through bass and time and be prepared for a booty shaking, crunk sensory overload!

 **Be on the look out – tracks from The Intergalactic Speakeasy 2.0 will be released in two weeks on Steamcrunk Volume 2!

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