Apple’s Acquisition of Camel Audio Could Change The Game

Apple’s Acquisition of Camel Audio Could Change The Game

If I was a robot, Alchemy would surely be my lover.

I imagine with torrents and every financially challenged musician out there that most VSTs never see, well to be fair, rarely see the dollars that keep the machine moving forward. I’m pretty sure that is the case when it comes to Camel Audio’s demise. It certainly is not because they do not make quality products. Two of my favorite plug ins of all time are Camel Audio’s, Alchemy; a powerhouse of a synth, and Camel Space; a sweet easy to use reverb and delay suit. In fact Alchemy is the only synth I used in the construction of my forthcoming EP on Party Time Society’s record label, titled “The Moon Is My Favorite Color”. That says a lot as I have access to a ton of great synths… Some artists like to take the time to keenly develop their synths, arduously, painstakingly, wickedly delving into micro adjustments and refinements. Me, I want to create music and realize my vision with a quickness and for that I need a power house like Alchemy to do the work. It has a huge library of presets that I can open rip into and quickly get where I want to be. Don’t get me wrong here sound design is everything, some tools make the process easier. I swear it is one of the most three dimensional or depth providing synths EVER!!! If I was a robot, Alchemy would surely be my lover.

You can imagine my heart dropped when they announced at the beginning of 2015 that they were closing their doors. I thought, why can’t I have nice things? Evil, evil bubble of commerce and your cantankerous ways. Although I had some hope that exactly what happened would happen. Out today on Apple announces the acquisition of Camel Audio’s alchemy! Whew,… *Wipes brow and takes a deep breath of relief, does a happy dance, well more like a jig but you get the point.* This still leaves me with the question: will all of Camel Audios tools be resurrected? (Alchemy, CamelSpace and CamelPhat) The article only mentions Alchemy but I assume it would be silly of them to not release their other rather tasty products Camel Audio has championed. The serious plus here is if Apple follows suit with past acquisitions it will be way more affordable than it was previously under Camel Audio’s house. Case in point: I use Logic as my DAW of choice a product originally developed by Emagic. Apple acquired them and the price tag dropped from roughly $800 to a mere $200. If Apple follows suit on their past, Alchemy which used to cost $249 and $700 if you wanted all the upgrades, may in fact become more affordable or may even become a built in synth for Logic. The downfall is it may be a Mac only Audio Unit going forward. For those of you who use a PC you might be out of luck.


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  1. akashicWrecker

    My favourite is (aside from the NI stuff that’s a given for most people) Diva. I would love to see a glimmer of hope on the horizon for Devine Machine, as some of my favourite music ever made uses a lot of Krishna Synth and I only got to play with it a little bit on a friend’s computer (but was instantly a huge fan).
    Yay Alchemy! <3

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