Are we proof of aliens? The Digital Connection’s New Mix is a Must Listen

Ricky Shine AKA The Digital Connection out of Boulder Colorado put out this mix last week and it’s got all the squish and weirdness I love. This smooth mix, through many genres of bass music, edges on crashing your brains hard drive. Well, if your brain had a hard drive that is. Warped synths, blips and bleeps, and deep bass saturate throughout. Oh yeah, and lasers, it has lasers too. 😉 If I were to give a prescription for listening it would go something like this: run yourself a bath, toss in some green jello (4 or 5 boxes) for the tactile affect. You know cuz alienz.. Grab up your snorkel gear place ample amounts of peanut butter in between your toes. Light some incense of the blueberry sparkle or the rainbow crush variety. Turn up the stereo to 11, hop in the bath and contemplate… Are we the aliens we’re looking for?

Warp your mind further down the vortex at and follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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