ATM Exclusive – Pre + End remix Mochipet!

A while back, I got the chance to sit down with Mochipet (major fangirl moment) and talk about his latest and pretty spectacular release, Psilocybin Samurai.  Long story short, life got in the way (as life tends to do on occasion) and I didn’t get the chance to edit the piece until now.  In celebration of Mochipet’s remix album releasing tomorrow, Psilocybin Samurai Remixed, we at All the Machines will proudly present our first in a series of video interviews!  In preparation (actually, while we wait for $*%(^*$# Youtube to upload), Mr. Pet himself has passed us an exclusive premiere from the record – an incredibly bad ass remix of the title track, “Psilocybin Samurai” by Pre + End.  This amazing piece of glitchy, mid-tempo, bass madness sets the bar for innovative remixes that keep to the integrity of the original song.  Pre + End jump down the rabbit hole with a barrage of spacey synths communicating in some rare robotic language while keeping the momentum fierce – guaranteed to bend your brain in the best of ways.  Please enjoy the interview, this insanely genius remix, and the rest of this collaboration of true amazingness by a plethora of brilliant producers.  Available for pre-order ($1) on Bandcamp – Psilocybin Samurai Remixed out tomorrow!!!

Pre-order Psilocybin Samurai Remixed from Bandcamp!

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