ATM Exlcusive: 12 Inches of NVO – Astral Revelation 12″ Edit

ATM Exlcusive: 12 Inches of NVO – Astral Revelation 12″ Edit

Funky, live-tronic Disco-House.  Hell yes.  This is the title track from  NVO‘s latest, Astral Revelation, out now on MalLabel Music.  Rocking the Bay area scene since 2010 with their relentless assault of guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers and all the machines they can find to record the funk out of, this group is the bznz, in and out of the studio.

The San Francisco hybrid electronic live trio takes an organic, live approach to laying down their grooves before completely dissecting and reconstructing the arrangements into solid gold alchemy.

Vaguely reminiscent of Daft Punk with its live bass and floating, dreamy arpeggios juxtaposed with pure four on the floor funk, this track will leave you breathless, floating on the dancefloor. A Sci-Fi future funk rave anthem.

This 12 inch mix adds a bite to the original mix with stuttering, distorted lines and subtle, yet urgent background risers.  This tune travels, and it’s the perfect exclusive for your weekend arsenal.

We are All The Machines, and we got you covered.


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San Francisco Producer, DJ and instrumentalist El Diablo is a certified bass sorcerer & party rocker. A powerful and energetic force on the decks, El Diablo is currently signed with MalLabel Music in S.F. His first release for Mallabel, the hit “Rollin With My Crew” hit number 5 on Juno Download charts for several weeks and is currently featured in the German film “As if We Were There”..

His release “ Devil in the Machine” has debuted with support from Liquid Stranger & also topped the Beatport charts for several weeks, getting solid support from Excision on his famous Shambhala Mix.

El Diablo was also recently hand-picked by Bay area Legend, rapper Too $hort, to be producer on his first EDM release for MalLabel & continues to be one of MalLabel Music’s most popular artists.

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