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Stephan Jacobs originally from Canada and now a resident of Los Angeles, has been a rising star in the bass music scene for the past 5 years. From his analog synth and software driven duo Kether (Stephan Jacobs & Tim Hauser) to his solo project self-titled Stephan Jacobs, Mr. Jacobs is a powerhouse and I was honored with the opportunity to catch up with him for this interview.




Sattva Ananda: What is your favorite song you have written and why?


SJ: Moody Sunday, it just came out of nowhere, I sat down to write and found myself just completely immersed. I found myself in it – like I had zoned out and it was perfect!


SA: What about “Moody Sunday” makes it stand out more than the rest?


SJ: It’s melodic and interesting; it feels like it has an authenticity that comes in rare moments. It’s from me and that voice I strive to offer in a song.


SA: Where would you like to see yourself musically in 5 years?


SJ: *Takes a deep breath* I look forward to being in a better place to write music and not need to be touring as much as I do. Touring is kind of stressful sometimes; with lack of rest and whatnot it can really tax my creativity. I want to be able to write without pressure… and then again beautiful things come from stress so there is that too.


SA: In 10 Years?


SJ: Getting my music licensed more, like in movies and stuff.  Also I do this workshop, a bi-monthly called the Producers Social where a bunch of like minded musicians get together and critique each others works to enhance their experience. It’s the beginnings of a school that can be expanded on in the future. My band Psychedelic tractor would like to be playing larger shows. Members: Deepak the lead singer and guitarist, myself on piano, drum pads, and back up vocals, and Sunevil on drums.


SA: What collaborations do you have currently and who would you like to work with in the future?


SJ: Right now I have a track coming out with Dirt monkey featuring Johanna Phraze out on Play Me Records on March 2nd, “Sleepless in LA” , that also has a Ruff Hauser remix on it. Also out March 16th Trowas “All I Know” Bottle Service remix. (Bottle service members, Henry Strange, Frank Royal & Stephan Jacobs) .Also a collab with Ill Gates titled ‘Bounce’ releasing soon. And then Souleye, a rapper’s 3 track EP named ‘Identified Time’ (release date March 24th). Also finishing up an original EP titled Pixeltopia out this spring.


SA: Can we expect any more works from Kether?


SJ: Yes, Tim and I are good friends

I could see us working together again. Honestly, I have a lot of music in me – if we have time I’m down. Life takes over ya know?


SA: What has been your greatest hurdle as a producer?

SJ: Re-igniting after taking a break from writing can be hard and sometimes harder than one might think.


SA: What has been your greatest achievement?


SJ: Warped Tour


SA: Anything else you want to share with us Mr. Jacobs?


SJ: Keep your heads up for my tour with Run DMT this spring. Thank you.


Grab ‘Sleepless In LA’ today on Beatport || Check out Stephan’s extensive library of tracks on his Soundcloud

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