ATM PREMIER: Secret Recipe “Lost Children”

You know that feel when you and your squad ’bout to walk into the party, but then the acid hits? Yeah, Secret Recipe’s ‘Lost Children’ is like that. Kind of like when your about to bust a move on the dance floor, but you pause for a moment to watch the room turn sideways. The camera does that slow zoom out with a fish-eye lens, and everyone is moving around you in slow motion. Then boom quick zoom back in as you start to kill it. ‘Lost Children’ is two parts psychedelic groove to one part galactic gangsta bounce, and that’s why we love it.

This premier comes courtesy of the influential west coast label Street Ritual.

Hit play above and be transported to a weird world of space gangsta vibes, then cruise over to, where Secret Recipe‘s new album “Post Dystopian Renaissance” is an exclusive release,to continue your strange journey.

You can follow Secret Recipe on facebook || soundcloud

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