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A while back, (March 2nd 2015 to be exact) I had the opportunity to catch up with Stephan Jacobs. In fact, it was when I last interviewed him for ATM that he mentioned this thing called ‘The Producers Social‘, told us in brief about it, and we then moved along.

Being a producer of electronic music may be one of the most gracefully narcissistic endeavors a person can engage in. Hours upon hours of digging into a loop, swimming around mentally, auditorily, systematically and surgically. All of this is fairly secular. It isn’t like a band where everyone joins in on the sound design and plays together. Nope, it’s a solo mission into the depths of an auditory abyss. An environment where, dependent on skill set and artistry, quite literally anything can happen. Even when many artists collaborate, at the end of the day, there is only one mouse and thus one controller of the audio sculpture at hand. Of course there are exceptions, but you get the point I hope. So when the art of making electronic music has its chance to shine, it is when it is shared with others. (One of the unfortunate reasons your producer friends cannot wait to make you listen to their latest track. We all know that person, right?)

So I got to thinking about a social, as Stephan had mentioned, and wanted to find out a bit more about this twist on the solo fated bubble of producing aforementioned.

The first San Francisco Producers’ Social® is  to be held on July 16th at The Center.  You can find the event page here.


Sattva Ananda: What is the Producers’ Social?

Stephan Jacobs: Producers’ Social is an event where music producers and composers critique each others work in a stimulating and creatively conducive environment. Not only do music producers get to hear direct feedback on a work in progress, they are given an amazing and unique opportunity to meet other like minded producers in a really free flowing environment. Producers’ Social has also allowed for producers “stuck” in their bedroom to create goals and deadlines assisting in the musical workflow.


SA: Who are the key persons involved?


  • Stephan Jacobs
  • Mark Kingsley (Da Moth)
  • Miles Ross (Psy Fi)
  • Steven Walker
  • Michael Wiznu
  • Brett Hapoienu (DJedi)


SA: Sounds really cool (pun intended). So basically, if I write a tune and want either feedback on composition or sound design, I can take it to the social and a bunch of people/other electronic music producers will give me feedback?

SJ: Yes, that is the format. The format ends up not only helping those that are getting feedback but also those in the room. Often times, an issue someone is having is also shared by many and hearing feedback on someone else’s track can also assist with current problems you’re facing in your own music.


SA: Where are they held?

SJ: Producers’ Social is held at Wiznu Labs in LA and The Center in SF. Both spaces feature high quality sound as well as a comfortable atmosphere necessary for high quality discussion and collaboration. Wiznu Labs is in downtown LA and features pro video equipment as well. Our space at The Center is adjacent to a tea lounge where attendees can have a “digital detox” post-Producers’ Social, share information and network. Both spaces feature bars serving both alcoholic and non alcoholic refreshments.


SA: How can I start one in my area?

Miles (Psy Fi): We are actively seeking cities interested in starting Producers’ Social chapters. With the grand Opening of SF Producers’ Social on July 16, we are working on creative ways to encourage cross-social integration and participation. If one was interested in starting a producer’s social chapter in their own town, they could contact Miles PsyFi at


SA: Will you have a school for production at some point?

SJ: Big picture, I think that would be great, right now we have a cool thing going and it can really expand in a bunch of directions.

PF: Currently there are so many incredible music schools out there providing top notch education and experience with some of the most cutting edge gear and software on the planet. Rather than try to create a school, we would love to see partnerships with existing music schools. I could see music school students benefiting greatly from producers social by expanding their network outside their current school.


What are future plans for the network that is being created through this vehicle known as Producers’ Social?

SJ: Expanding it into new cities seems like the next natural progression for it. Demand has been proven in LA and we are just rollin with it.


SA:  I want to say that this is an AMAZING idea and I am personally glad to see this happening. I can imagine that it is a very powerful tool for aspiring and professional producers to skyrocket their skill set to greater heights. What have you gained personally from these events? What have you seen with other artists attending as far as their production value increasing?

SJ: I would say the most gratifying aspect of this has been to see the producers who come to these events grow exponentially in production quality. And we have also created an amazing circle of talented and like minded new friends and music partners. Producers’ Social really feels like a family. We are all very excited to see each other and share our new stuff..


SA: So the word is you all put together a compilation album from a bunch of the artists who attend the Producers’ Social. Pretty cool idea! Is this the first of many?

SJ: We do have an amazing Producers Social Compilation coming out independently very soon.  It will be raising money for SoundArtLA. An organization that provides music education for children in LA..(check out their web sight  It is composed of all songs created by members of the Social and were all perfected over time through the Social.  We hope it is the first of many compilations and maybe even solo albums and EPs from our amazing group of producers.


Stephan and the crew at Producers’ Social were kind enough to give us this free download exclusively from their forthcoming compilation. Written by co founder,

Mark Kingsley (Da Moth)

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