Beautiful Music Monday: Atu

This week’s Beautiful Music Monday feature is an artist I just discovered who goes by Atu. His sound is R&B rooted, piano driven, extremely soulful, and blurs the lines a bit into future bass. It’s something I’ve never quite heard before, and it’s brilliant. It’s extremely well done songwriting. Despite some serious research, I wasn’t able to dig up much information on Atu. His SoundCloud is spares, with only 5 tracks, and his Facebook posts may reveal a reclusive nature. I found a little bit more of his music on bandcamp. However, I’m somewhat surprised it took me this long to discover Atu, because it seems like he has a very solid fan base. All I know is that he seems to based in Detroit. What really matters here though is that his music is absolutely beautiful, and it’s perfect to get Monday started. It’s like a soulful sunrise you can carry with you through the entire week.

I highly recommend you press play on the SoundCloud player above, and when that playlist is done press play on the bandcamp player below. I’m very glad I discovered Atu, and I think you will be glad you did too!

You can follow Atu on facebook || Soundcloud

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