Beautiful Music Monday: Lo Tide’s Learn To Wait

After a two-week hiatus, Beautiful Music Monday returns today with some brand new sounds from Tasmania, Australia. Up and Coming producer Lo Tide hit my inbox with a preview of his new full length album Learn To Wait. Two tracks into the album, I knew I had to feature it in this column.

Lo Tide is doing something really interesting with this album. The digital version of album, just released last week and is presented as two sides. In a way it’s a nod to the vinyl edition yet to come, but it also marks a stylistic division in the selection of tracks Lo Tide is presenting. Side A features four vocal led compositions, and Side B has eight mostly instrumental tracks. However, it’s not the presentation that’s unique, it’s the music.

This column is my personal selection of beautiful down tempo music. It’s not about the biggest the acts, it’s not about who is high on the charts, it’s me sharing music I’ve fallen in love with. I fell in love with this album right away. What made Learn To Wait stand out is Lo Tide‘s minimal approach to down tempo. Tracks aren’t packed with sounds, there’s lot’s of room for negative space in the compositions, and that extra space allows the listener to get deeply mentally involved. Side B’s track “Sparse” is outstanding in this sense. Even the vocal tracks maintain a minimal style, and it works well. Lo Tide’s unique style really shines brightest on the B side, though. Without lyrics leading the tracks, you can hear a much more detailed exploration of space and sound. In fact, the deeper you get into Learn To Wait, and the further down the track list you listen the better each track is. The last four tracks are my absolute favorites on the release.

Lo Tide‘s Learn To Wait is breathtakingly beautiful, well constructed, and a great fit for your headphones this Monday morning. Do yourself a favor and hit that play button above if you haven’t already.

You can get your copy of Learn To Wait on bandcamp.

You can follow Lo Tide on soundcloud || facebook.

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