BMIR Fundraiser Tonight in Oakland!

BMIR Fundraiser Tonight in Oakland!

Burning Man is something near and dear to the hearts of those behind All The Machines.  Our entire staff are Burners, and some of us for a LONG long time.  It’s not only something that has influenced our music and our lives, yet also one of the things that bind us together as a team.  The magic that is experienced for that one week a year in the vacant heart of the wild west is ever-present in our beings.


Personally speaking, I’ve been a citizen that dusty mess called Black Rock City for a decade.  Leading up to my first Burn, I knew I wanted to honor the idea of ‘No Spectators Allowed’ and be part of building that fine city.  I scoured Burning Man’s website for volunteer opportunities and immediately discovered that “Hey they have a radio station!”  I’ve been in the professional radio world since my entire adult life, and being part of this thing known as BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio) just seemed like the perfect fit for my skill set.


Fast forward to 2015 – Along with my brother-in-arms Bobzilla, I co-manage BMIR from top to bottom.  We have an amazing team that make this experiment possible, some who participate year round.  Besides manpower, one of the most challenging things about running a full fledged FM radio station in the middle of effing nowhere is equipment….or shall I say, equipment failure.  For anyone that has not been to Burning Man, it takes place in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada…an alkali wasteland that literally eats electronics.  Every single year we have to spend a ton of money on microphones, computers, cables, more computers, cd players, computer monitors, and of course…speakers.  These things get coated with an alkali dust and after 2 or 3 years out there, are basically worthless.


Which brings me to today – Tonight at the legendary work-space known as NIMBY in Oakland, BMIR is throwing their second annual fundraiser LOADED with some of ATM’s favorite artists!  All monies from tonights event will go towards new gear for the radio station, and also towards creating a year round version of the station at  The spectacular lineup includes Mochipet, El Diablo, Humpfree Lowgart, Keno Mapp & Heart Touch, and Playa-favorites the Jerk Church Tabernacle Choir!  Live music to start the evening, and delicious bass music to finish it off!  Burner events are a unique affair, filled with smiles and hugs and a celebration of life not found nearly enough on this blue sphere called earth.  If you’re a Burner in the Bay Area, GO!  If you’ve never been to a Burner event, this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to this lovely sub-culture that the team at All The Machines are constantly inspired by!


An extra special thanks goes out to Sasha, Corey, Nicollete, and our trusty Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Marie for making tonight happen!  You guys RAWK, love you so hard it hurts!

Burn bright my friends!

Shouting Fire & NIMBY Presents: A Night with BMIR! <—Event Page!!

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