Brooklyn Shanti debuts Dani Mari’s ‘Broken Palace’ Exclusively on All The Machines

This is Someplace Called Brooklyn‘s official premier for Dani Mari’s release. What I want to provide and document here is more along the lines of producer notes, or liner notes. The notes were my favorite details when opening up a gatefold LP cover when I was young. This is one of those special occasions where I feel compelled to share some thoughts behind the music.


On March 17th, Someplace Called Brooklyn will release Dani Mari’s next offering, Broken Palace, featuring special remixes by instrumental breaks producer, ElekTro4, and up and coming LA-based remixer, Green Card Lottery.

(Full disclosure from Shanti: I produced the single and the accompanying video which I shot and directed with cinematographer, Rod Morata. I also own and operate Someplace Called Brooklyn.)


Over the course of the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to write for and produce an insurmountable number of artists. Some of that work I am very proud of and will continue to stand by. Some of it is very similar to how I hustled through part of high school: A few of the more socially popular kids paid me to do their homework and write their college entrance essays. About five years ago, I had an immense “Aha!” moment.  I want to focus on writing with artists whom I feel have the power to bring people around the world together; the type of artists who, if given a little extra helping hand and caring guidance, have a real shot at having their voices heard. On their own terms (and mine, of course). Thus, I began a heavy period of collaboration and planning with a number of other aritsts, Dani Mari being the first one I am helping to present.

What attracts me to Dani Mari‘s music is, first and foremost, her writing. This goes hand in hand with her sense of taking a listener on a melodic journey, in addition to the plot she spins lyrically. I close my eyes when listening to her, and am transported to a time period when I lived in the deep south and my family listened to acoustic folk and country music on my father’s turntable in our Bengali household. Even writing about it, there is an indescribable nostalgia which overwhelms me. That is precisely why, for the work which I have helped present with Dani thus far, I took an approach of recording her in a more traditional live setting and experimented heavily with tubes and tapes in an attempt to replicate the sound which first won over my heart many years ago.

In the middle of 2014, we decided to release one of our favorite collaborations, “Garden of Ghosts”, on my album, Bedstuyle. Following through on that momentum, I am now very pleased to present the next installment of Dani Mari’s solo work.

A big thanks go out to ElekTro4 and Green Card Lottery for remixing the tune and adding their own takes to the song.

Pre-order the Broken Palace ep here via Bandcamp || Catch Dani Mari at SXSW 2015

|| ElekTro4 on Soundcloud || Green Card Lottery on Soundcloud ||

Brooklyn Shanti joins All The Machines as a guest author on this post. You can find his work on soundcloud, and also check out his label Someplace Called Brooklyn on Soundcloud.

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