Chasing the Wind with Mannequins on 7’th Street

A while back I featured a piece on the absolutely gorgeous Superblue EP by Mannequins on 7’th Street.  You can check out that write up here.  Now they return to my radar, with a stunning video for their song ‘Free From Real’ about a child chasing the wind, and ultimately finding himself through the chase.


Matching the moody nature of the song, the slow moving yet rivoting video is the perfect accompiniment to a weekend of contemplation.  The video was done by the CHPT.01 Collective, and they had this to say about it:


When we listen to Mannequins on 7’th Street we instantly feel a blue colour, a wind going through our ears. 

We feel wind as a ruling element when we listen to Free From Real, that’s why we decided to make a video about a boy looking for wind.

Looking for a change, through fields past bridges and long walks where he finally ends up finding himself.

Himself as an older man.

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