Cut Chemist – ‘One Day on Earth’ (Or, Your Antidote to the Evening News)

I don’t know how I slept on this one!  Cut Chemist is one of my all time favorite turntablists and composers and this is a beautiful experiment in audio/video sampling & cutting.

One day in music around the world captured on video in venues and on the street, on 10/10/10 from various corners of the globe and mixed into a two part composition with captivating images of dance, song, and instrumental performances.  Conicidentally, At 1:39, as if to illustrate the ‘small worldness’ of the video’s concept, I spotted SF staple and sampling virtuoso, “The Genie“, onstage performing one of his Scratch Guitar compositions but ironically in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the kind of video to remind you that for all the fear-mongering, misinformation, and manipulation of mainstream media,  for all the senseless murder, be-headings, bombings, bulldozings, bigotry, greed, and general corruption of our so-called “leaders”, there are people out there every day fighting a different war that is not on the news.

On a day just like today,  they are broadcasting truth and beauty. They are bombing innocents with beautiful, harmless music and dance.  Bulldozing them with bass.  Breaking down the machine with sound.

This is your antidote to the evening News.  Take it as needed.

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