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In late January, Devin Kroes released his newest EP, Through the Window, on Berkely’s Chillage Records as a “pay what you want” download. He has just started a month and half long tour in support…

Having been a long time fan of Devin‘s and loving the collaborative work he created with WALAFade to Grey, I was excited to hear this new release.  His last solo work, Rebirth, set a pretty high standard in my mind of Devin‘s musicianship and I hadn’t any doubt that this new EP would raise the bar.  Through the Window, did exactly what I had hoped from a musician who consistently brings to the table a delicious fusion of the mystical and technical.  The album as a whole is, in a sense, quite romantic with each song allowing you the space to seek out the blissful, intimate, connections that can happen per chance while dancing in a crowd.

The album begins with the track “Heartbeat” – a dark, 4am groove with a funky percussion line amidst harmonious rays of sound that give way to a sexy down tempo break of gurgling bubbles and springy little effects.  With a fierce bass line and sweet melodies, “Heartbeat” starts your quest Through the Window in lit paths of indigo prisms.  The second track, “Out of the Dust” is quite possibly my favorite song on this EP.  ‘Out of the Dust’ is filled with gorgeous Middle Eastern instrumentation, growling synths seducing you from every angle, and a punching kick guiding a rhythm section that your heart willingly submits to beating with.  This, mixed with a beautiful use of negative space, leaves you dancing in a trance state, barefoot in the middle of the desert in your subconscious.  Following is “Elf Machines”, a much headier, introspective piece that starts with whispers of foreign guitars and warps you into leads of metallic synths.  A cleaver break into the quirky, alien-esque vocals of Terence McKenna transports you further down the road as you hypnotically glide toward the alchemical home of the Elves.  “Technologies of Ecstasy” continues to blend the overall mysterious timbre of the album with a rich, warm bass, and its signature growling synth, giving way to glimpses of lysergic light and echoes of tablas.  “Through the Window”, the EP’s title track, plays with a movement that flows like liquid glass dappled with drippy effects and lovely pauses.  As a final treat, the album concludes with a beauteous Wu-Wei remix of “Through the Window” that picks up momentum and gives way for a celebration of the sunrise after a luscious night of seductive moments and raw dancing with enchanted creatures of the Tryptamine Palace.

Devin Kroes has clearly stepped up his game by utilizing a perfect balance of his technical abilities and influences over the past year.  Through the Window is truly a must listen for anyone who hears the desert nights calling to them…


“Hooray!  Welcome!  You’re here…” – Terence McKenna


Download Through the Window via Chillage Records.

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