Editorial: Fresh Styles

Editorial: Fresh Styles

This one is about music that gets me hyped so listen up. A genre is a trap that gets people stuck into one small style of music, don’t get pulled into the genre hype, all music is for everyone.

THAT SAID, people love putting things into boxes and putting labels on them, so you will have no choice; Along your journey you will have to learn the names of the different styles. That’s fine though because it will give you a good starting point to launch from when you go out and actively seek the new music that will one day bring you joy.

Here is a genre whose name most Americans haven’t heard yet: Grime. Sadly, the few here in the states that HAVE heard of it, either haven’t listened to anything outstanding, or they say “I know Grime, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley are great.”, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just kind of like saying, “I like Rap music, Jay Z is great.”

There is a whole entire universe of music that may not be readily accepted by the majority of listeners, so you typically don’t hear about it or the artists who dream up these new and forward thinking soundscapes. I point you now towards Scrufizzer, one of the hardest rhymers I have had the pleasure of admiring in years. Syllable rolls, fresh thoughts, super fast lyrical chops, this 25 year old has achieved a level of skill that most rappers only dream of. Not to mention the fact that the instrumentals he gets on are ridiculously forward thinking.

Bounce guys, get your head nod on:

I know right? Let’s continue.

Scru raps on all types of beats, constantly mismatching styles to create a unique quilt of freshness among the rest of the hum-drum, so-so, vanilla musical landscape.

Peep this:

Alright, let’s move on.

Now I know I said that a lot of people are familiar with Wiley, and they should be. He has gained recognition worldwide for a reason, he is a gifted lyricist and producer who never stops pushing boundaries, while still dipping his toes into the mainstream. Starting off his career with Roll Deep Crew and rising higher and higher every single year, this man is really helping to shape the future of music to come. He isn’t motivated by ignorance either. He wants to bring you something more, and he wants to expand your consciousness while making you a better human being.

Don’t believe me? Listen to this:

I guess my point is, there is a whole world of music that you have never experienced. Stop listening to the radio so much, and start digging through crates. Start clicking on random Youtube channels, and start immersing yourself in this incredibly complex tapestry of life that we are all entwined in. You will only become more cultured, and you will start growing again once you take back your right to experience the entire rainbow of sounds that the world has to offer. Unless of course, 40 bland songs a year is enough to satiate your soul.

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