Must See: Eskmo ‘Mind of War’ Music Video

This amazing music video was completely improvised, and shot entirely in stop motion by Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey…. Wait. Hold on, before I go any further…

If you are a fan of forward thinking music, and you haven’t listened to Eskmo’s new album Sol, stop reading right now and cruise over to Eskmo’s website and buy it.

Welcome back. Now that you’ve got that sweet, sweet, musical goodness on download, peep the video above while you wait to soak in the audio bliss.

The music video for ‘Mind of War’ was a live, audience interactive, stop motion performance, and the results are nothing short of amazing. What makes it so great is not just the stunning visual effect of capturing real people in stop motion, but how it’s concept relates so well to the fundamentals of Eskmo‘s music. Eskmo is well known for his use of found sound and field recordings in his music, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that at its core, his music is a collage of the ephemeral. Ephemeral is a fancy art school term for something that can only exist in a single place and time. A field recording captures the sound of something a footstep in snow as it occurred uniquely and only in that exact instance. It is immensely fitting that the music video for ‘Mind of War’ was completely improvised, without a script or rehearsal, and filmed with a live audience – creating a resulting video containing content and actions that could only have only occurred at that time and place. A different location, day, or audience, and the resulting music video could have been something entirely different. Adding audience participation into the mix took it a step further creating a layer of uncontrolled input. Just as the music collages the ephemeral, so too does this video.

Beyond the conceptual awesomeness, using stop motion to capture live action creates a hypnotic visual effect. Eskmo‘s body seems to move in inhuman ways. His torso seems to rotate around his head and his hands twist in an impossible fashion. The video is also full of lots of wonderful little details that can be missed if you aren’t paying close attention. It took a couple of times watching through before I noticed a particularly awesome moment where a mallet becomes a pair of feathers after striking a gong.

Eskmo also released a beautifully ethereal 44 min mix for DummyMag a couple days ago. You can listen right here:

Buy Sol on Eskmo‘s website || Follow him on Soundcloud


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