Featured Album – Devin Kroes’s ‘Whispers from the Trees’

Devin Kroes has retuned with his newest album, entitled Whispers from the Trees, released Street Ritual. An eclectic body of work filled with layers of melodies and textures, Whispers from the Trees shares a plethora of stories, some featuring the delicate touches of Annabelle LuLu Luna, Wu Wei, and Shianne ColoneBlundo. Intuitive to Devin‘s style, Whispers from the Trees holds true to beautiful instrumentation and a fantastic use of space.  The production is impeccable with fluid grooves familiar to his signature dark, glitchy, and middle eastern timbre, all laced with majestic elements.  The sound design speaks in foreign whispers, pristine and sharp, yet with an air of softness.  Being a long time fan of Devin’s, it has been intriguing to see the different paths he takes with each EP, while still honing a solid identity.  There has been a significant amount of growth in his musicianship, as well as a unique level of intimacy put forth into this album.  It feels personal, as if each synth was specifically chosen to melt into your specific psyche.  To watch an artist grow exponentially is to not only see growth, but to witness the art grow around and within him in synchronistic patterns.  To hear the Whispers from the Trees is to not only hear a brilliant work but to breathe in the beauty pure electronic compositions have to offer.  Whispers from the Trees is available now, courtesy of Street Ritual, on Addictech.

Purchase Whispers from the Trees on Addictech

Find Devin Kroes on Facebook || Soundcloud || DevinKroesMusic.com

Find Street Ritual on Facebook || Soundcloud || StreetRitual.com

Album Artwork by: Omeka

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