Genres Mean Nothing with the ‘OMULU EP’

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Underground.  It’s a weird thing to define, and even weirder to accept at times.  What does it mean to be underground?  Is it ok when underground artists become mainstream?  Do these definitions even matter?
Personally speaking, I think when we talk about the underground of any music genre, we talk about those that have not hit the mainstream yet who are doing things just a little different and more progressive than the rest.  Pushing the envelope, destroying definitions.  It’s funny, I remember fondly when Bassnectar was considered underground, or the Glitch Mob (and its individual members).  These days, both of these artists are playing sold out shows in front of tens of thousands of people….and the styles that they pushed many years ago could be considered mainstream.


But where the underground still seems to exist, worldwide, is in the Tropical Bass scene.  Artists are creating new genres on a monthly basis, and some things come out that are simply not classifiable.


While OMULU has gotten the attention of bass-heavyweight Diplo; his first EP of original material, the self titled OMULU EP, is still a genre-breaking and bending delve into the underground of the future of bass music.  Baile Funk, Zouk Bass, Tarraxinha, Moombahton, and many other riddims from the Antilles smash together with synth-heavy leads born in the world of dubstep and a trap ascetic to create a sound that is as hypnotic as it is intriguing.

This is music to move massive dancefloors to, as well as headphone masterpieces to get lost in while on a psychedelic journey to the outer reaches of the solar system.  AND it’s a gift to the world!  Completely free via Buuum Trax Soundcloud.  I have a very good feeling, that this is only the beginning of a long and amazing career from this Brazilian based artist.  Enjoy!

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