Gravitas’ Virtus In Sonus III Is A Floating Island Of Awesome

Overall Score4

I’ve just been transported to a dreamy oasis in the sky where mystics play guitars on clouds of bliss, nymphs dance to tablas, forest spirits sing glitchy vocals, and the fabled masters of the bass line dwell. I don’t want to leave this floating island. That’s probably because I’ve just listened to Gravitas Recordings Virtus In Sonus III on repeat. All day. Which is easy to do without getting bored because this compilation delivers 20 tracks of pure sonic bliss.

The compilation spans a wide variety of music, but all of it with a heady undertone. Some of the featured artists deliver their signature style with solid tracks all the way around. Other artists use the compilation as an opportunity to shows us something different than their usual aesthetic. The Digital Connection‘s ‘Sahara’ is a nice departure from bouncy bass music into a deep and psychedelic dubsteppy track that feel right at home on the release. D.V.S* follows The Digital Connection with an absolutely beautiful dreamscape, ‘Burst’, but it somehow doesn’t seem at all out of place following the dark ‘Sahara’. It all works thanks to expert curation. The masterminds at Gravitas open the compilation with CloZee‘s ‘On The Riverbank’ – an opus that showcases her talented guitar playing with super tasty glitchy accompaniment. It’s a fine choice of track placement that perfectly sets the stage for all of the music that follows. Even Duffrey‘s super funky, Tipper-esq, crunchy, glitch choon ‘Deeper’ fits right in despite being the only track on the compilation with a swampy vibe. At 14 tracks in, normally most albums drift off into the background- BOOM, Psy Fi lays down an insanely epic track, ‘Evacuate’, that draws you right back in. I wanted to use this sentence here to name the best track on the compilation, but I simply can’t pick one.

There a few tracks worth mentioning on this compilation by artists that hadn’t been on my musical radar before, but you can believe I’m excited to hear more from them. Kermode & Dalton Richmond‘s ‘Twist’ is an uplifting glitch hop banger. Rion King‘s ‘Stay Fly’ brings the sly gangsta vibes, (I feel like this is the song they’ll play during the bank heist montage in the movie of my life). Bassline Drift‘s ‘Drink the Water Down’ is definitely one of the best tracks on the release. I could get lost in its tribal percussion and hypnotic vocal lead forever.

Overall, I give this compilation 4 out 5 stars for its amazing curation and extremely tasty tracks. There were a couple tracks on the release that didn’t really peak my interest on the first listen through, but most of them grew on me by the second time around. There are also a handful of tracks that demand to be included in the spring playlist for any lover of forward thinking music. It’s worth noting that some of the tracks showcase really outstanding engineering, so the audiophile has a lot to fall in love with here.

You can grab Virtus In Sonus III for free, or a donation if you’d like, on Gravitas Recording‘s bandcamp.

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