Intellitard and DownsquareZ’s ‘The Hellapshere’ is a funky mash up of styles.

Overall Score3.5

If you live in the Bay Area and like Bass Music, you’ve probably been to Wormhole Wednesday. What you may not know, is that the wormhole crew has their own band camp based record label Wormhole Music GroupWormhole Music Group just released Intellitard and DownsquareZ‘s 5 track collaborative EP: The Hellasphere.  It’s a funky, gltichy, mash up of styles.

The release description says this The Hellasphere was years in the making. After reading that, I couldn’t help but listen with time in mind. I wanted to listen closely to see if the time-span was reflected in the final work, but honestly, after serval listens I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that you can clearly hear two different producers at work on each track. It creates a really interesting dynamic happening within each song, and that is really the strong point of this release. The Hellasphere definitely walks a fine line between disjointed and a sweet spot of successful collaboration. At times it’s almost as if there are two unique directions each producer is trying to take a track, this could be disaster for some, but Intellitard and DownsquareZ pull it off well.

I enjoyed being able to hear each producers unique input on this release – something that doesn’t often come across so clearly on collaborative releases. It created a funky mash up of styles thats really works.


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