Knowa Lusion Talks Innovative New Tour In Interview With All The Machines

Knowa Lusion Talks Innovative New Tour In Interview With All The Machines

Street Ritual, a label known for its eclectic and spiritually conscious bass music, has just embarked on a new path of curated tours.  Knowa Lusion, the label’s co-creator and a well versed musician himself, is the brain behind the first of what we hope will be the start to many musical experiences such as this. Knowa’s knowledge and long time dedication to the music world spans a variety of genres and locations.  His contribution to the bass music scene has been a major part of its very foundation and has given way for tons of artists to be inspired and create their own identity within. Artists such as Conscious Kalling, and Planewalker, who are part of this tour as well as dancer Kelley Mountain, have all been part of the vision Street Ritual has created. I had the chance to catch up with Knowa and get some insight into the label, the artists, and the impetus behind this innovative tour entitled, The Deep Desert Bass Tour


1382433_563355783718777_659688667_nJexime: You have such a rich history in the music world, ranging from Hip Hop to Glitch Hop to Dubstep from the East Coast to the West – what was it that inspired you to create Street Ritual?

Knowa Lusion: The inspiration to create Street Ritual came from a couple of places. I think one of the main inspirations is that I do come from such a varied place musically, one of the original goals of Street Ritual was to bring different types of music together, EDM, World, HipHop, and we’ve done a pretty good job of that. We wanted to create a brand and a label that meant something and built community, not just another record company. We were also needing to break a lot of new ground musically, showcasing styles and artists that were just developing, which is a continuing part of our mission.


J: What is the mission of the label?

KL: The mission of the label is to support cutting edge artists and to bring conscious music to as many people as possible.


J: So, onto the magic that is the Deep Desert Bass Tour – quite luring in its name.  What was the inspiration in creating the tour?

KL: The inspiration for the tour was about reaching deep to do something a little different, to hand craft events in a place that’s not completely saturated with EDM, to bring community vibes and participation to our tour, to explore the desert, its communities, and mostly to enjoy ourselves!


J: You have curated an incredibly talented and uniquely metaphysical group of musicians for this tour – what was your process in putting together such an eclectic entourage?  What made each artist stand out to your for this particular type of tour?

KN: The tour has really come together organically. First of all, both of the other musicians on the tour are from the southwest and are deeply involved with their communities there. Their music reflects this and it gives us this authenticity that we want to relate to our audience. Both Conscious Kalling and Planewalker (under the alias Chaos Control) have released on Street Ritual at various points. Kelley Mountain, the dancer that will be going on tour with us is a friend of mine for many years, and has been living in Tucson for quite a while. Her style of Tribal Fusion dance is really in sync with our music and the desert.


J: Shows have a way of embodying a nucleus of their own.  Constantly changing with the energy the musician feeds the crowd and vice versa; both performer and attendee leaving a bit different than when they arrived.  What do you hope the patrons of this tour will leave each show with?

KL: I’d like people to really get a sense of originality from our performances, of authenticity. All of us are very adept at walking the line between deep and meaningful and fun and playful. We’d all like to connect with our audience and have our audience connect with us and our art. Hopefully people will come away from these shows feeling inspired and motivated to create themselves.


J: What would make this tour a success to you?

KL: This is a new concept, something that we’ve never done before, so I think that if we can get new people to come out, that maybe aren’t familiar with Street Ritual or my music, get people to try something new and open some minds to the Street Ritual vibe than it will be a success.


J: Please give us a list of when/where we get to indulge in the Deep Desert Bass Tour…

KL: We start the tour off in Albuquerque, NM at Sister on April 2. That’s a Thursday. From there we go to Denver on the 3rd for a show with our friends Whomp Truck, a sound system and burner crew. That’s going to be at Villano & Sons with a second room of local artists from the Whomp Truck crew. Then we have The Green Room in Flagstaff on April 10, and April 11 will be a really special show in Tucson at The Galactic Center. That one is going to go late and feature local live musicians, performances, live painting, the whole glory.


J: What does the future hold for Street Ritual as far as specialized tours are concerned?

KL: It’s going to be interesting to see and I think we’re going to see more of this type of thing. There’s a ton of new artists in EDM right now and the country is finally starting to wake up to the possibilities of electronic music and all the different shades and styles that can be created. There’s still a ton of room for innovation in the performance aspect of it, and I think that psychedelic bass music is only going to get more popular.

J: Thank you for interviewing with All the Machines – best of luck on tour!  This will indeed be a powerful one.

KL: Thank you!

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RSVP to tour dates in your are via the links below:

Albuquerque, NM – April 2nd

Denver, CO – April 3rd

Flagstaff, AZ – April 10th

Tucson, AZ – April 11th

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