Holy Junglist Massive, Batman!  Just the list of badman emcees on this recording alone is worth the download!

Out on March 11th from Lion Dub International, Lost City is a collab between veteran LA producers Noah D and No Thing, and as their press release states, “the aim of Lost City is to bring a unique, new twist on the Jungle sound by combining new structures, tempos and styles with the traditional breaks, bass lines and Reggae influences of early Jungle…”  And in true hip producer fashion, they have removed all vowels from the style to arrive at this new-ish sound, dubbed “JNGL”.

At this point I have to admit that Ragga Jungle has been and always will be one of my favorite genres in the Electronic world, so it will not surprise you to learn that I find this album to be ear candy of the highest order.  Witness a relentless assault of air horns, top-caliber Ragga vocals and hard hitting mid-tempo jungle breaks with elements of Trap, Dancehall and Dubstep sprinkled throughout, similar in a way to  OG heavyweight 6Blocc‘s recent dubstep-tempo Jungle tracks.

The effort is well acknowledged & appreciated, though I did find myself hoping for a bit more experimentation on the jungle sound and more of a mixture of newer beats to offset the old school feel/tempos.  To this end,  I feel the most successful tracks are “Kill the Whole a Dem” feat:  Numa Crew & Mr. Lex and “Money Me say” Feat: Jahdan Blakkamoore.

Still, rock a party these tracks will, anytime, anywhere.  In fact, I’m just so absolutely blown away by the hard-hitting production and vocal prowess, that every single track has me hitting the Dance-floor in my studio.

Get your hands on this LP post-haste.  Your listening machine will thank you for it.


Check out Lion Dub on:  Facebook | Soundcloud

Check out Lost City on:  Facebook | Souncloud

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