Love and Light’s Matt Madonna Premiers New Project Pockitz in an Exclusive Interview

I recently had a chance to catch up with my broseph Matt Madonna, one half of Love and Light. He has a new solo project called Pockitz and it’s pretty dope! Here’s a little taste and the first ever interview with him regarding his brand new sound.



Sattva Ananda: What inspires you?

Matt Madonna: That’s a really good question and I was thinking a lot about about it as I was writing the bio for my new project Pockitz. What inspires me most is the people, the people around me and the environment I’m in. You know what really inspires me a lot right now Sattva? Outer space…. interstellar travel, it clearly pays attention to Neuroscience, time travel, science and science fiction, it makes me feel and it makes me feel different! Also crystals and rocks they inspire me.


SA: Where would you like to see your music go?

MM: I would like the universe to be able to express its self through me, fully! I would like to express to others my weirdness and strangeness clearly through time. I would like to be able to express everything that makes me who I am and also to be able to achieve a cleaner and clearer sonic quality. Ultimately I’m just an expression of the universe.


SA: Why the new project?

MM: I don’t feel like the Love and Light project is enough for me to fully express myself. When I’m at home I spend almost all my time writing music. I have a continued excitement for the Love and Light project. A new EP is out soon and we will be touring the East coast. It feels good to have some autonomy and have a solo project where I can set in and do my own thing. I like the feeling of being solely responsible for my own voice.


SA: What kind of music will you be making, what can we expect from Pockitz?

MM: I don’t know what kind of music will come out of me. I’m obsessed with sound design and fitting all of these sounds into Pockitz. I really like psychedelic music, I like Nero Hop and Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop has a very big space in my heart and I really like the percussive digestibility of TRAP. My music won’t fall into any one of those genres specifically however it will be influenced by all.

For more on Matt Madonna’s new project, please visit Pockitz on Facebook and Soundcloud.


What do you think of Matt’s new sound? Let us know in the comments below.


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