Lucid Dreaming: An Interview with Loop Zeppelin

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A delightfully lush, subtle, raw, emotional, and textural journey through the wormhole. Meandering melodies, sparse percussive innuendos, and swollen tones paint the picture of this the second release from Loop Zeppelin. This is one to take in from beginning to end. Like taking a breath of fresh air on a morning after a heavy rain walking outside and realizing you are no longer on earth, or maybe you’re just having a lucid dream?

No baby to the world of electronic music, Petey Funkin Corn aka Loop Zeppelin is the mastermind behind Activated Dreamstate. Hailing originally from Chicago, Mr Corn relocated to Los Angeles in the early 90’s where he combined forces with the then burgeoning Moontribe Collective. To say he has laid it down would be an understatement. His history is vast and I was excited to catch up with him to discuss some simple and crucial elements pertaining to his musical odyssey.


Sattva Ananda: Why do you write music?

Loop Zeppelin:  Wow, why do I write music… to find love. A descent long pause…. I can’t, I can’t not write music. It’s the only thing that holds my attention since I was a small child, ever since I was cutting records off the back of a cereal box. From the first time I heard The Beatles, Jean Michel Jarre, Daniel Chavez aka DJ Daniel one of the Moontribe’s founders.


SA: What about music feeds your soul?

LZ: Everything, that’s a silly question… everything.


SA: What is your most memorable moment as a DJ?

 LZ: There’s to many to pick just one. There was a wild 2 by 4 drum and bass DJ set I played with Daniel Chavez at the 50th anniversary of the UFO crash landing in Roswell NM, playing with you, Sattva, at the 7 year Moontribe gathering in the Mojave, my first ever DJ performance where I lied and said I could DJ but had no experience… I got up there and slayed it! I kept that job for a year and a half… I’m sure every mix was a train wreck but nobody seemed to mind. Playing in the pouring rain at a party on Hornby Island, it poured and no one stopped dancing, and it was cool.  No one cared about the gear getting ruined because it was more about dancing in that moment than it was about the gear.


SA: What is your most memorable moment as a musician?

LZ: Playing at VAMU. Playing fretless bass with Cyrus Fuhrmeister on percussion and the late Ric Sharaj (former member of the Dub Kirtan Allstars)  on sitar while people spun fire in the building and no one cared about the fire code, and it was nuts!!!


SA: What are Loop Zeppelin’s ambitions and what can we expect from you in the future?

LZ: I would love to get into scoring films. I look forward to expanding my musical palette and delving deeper into orchestral sounds and eventually to hear an orchestra play the music I hear in my head.


SA: What would you like to say to the public about yourself as an artist?

LZ: Thank you, thank you for listening.


Find Loop Zeppelin on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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