Mochipet talks Dinosaurs and Bass in video interview with ATM

Editors note:  This is a follow up to our premiere of Pre + End’s remix of the track ‘Psilocybin Samurai‘.  Check that out here!


David Wang, the legendary and incredibly influential artist known as Mochipet, is at it again!  Having just released Psylocybin Samurai Remixed, he took the time off his busy schedule to talk to us about dinosaurs, anime characters, upcoming projects, and death metal.  The new release features unique takes on the Dino-Bass master’s latest record, and features a plethora of todays top notch artists like; Sugarbeats, Pockitz, Atomic Reactor, Papa Skunk, Mr Jennings, DJ SwampBless the A.M., Searchl1te, Soohan, and ATM’s very own writers Subatomica and El Diablo.


Check out the interview, and when you’re done, peep the new record as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ release right here!


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Got questions for Mochipet?  Put them below, and we’ll ask him to answer them himself!

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