Music For A Cause: The Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation

Following the recent massive earthquake, Be Green Records and Street Ritual have teamed up to raise money for relief efforts in Nepal by releasing a benefit compilation. On behalf of Be Green and Street Ritual, Christian Cortes states,

“From the cloud covered peak of the world’s highest mountain to the crowded streets of Kathmandu, more than 8,500 people have perished in what has become the deadliest disaster to ever strike the small but densely populated nation of Nepal… Proceeds from the album will be directed to conscious relief organizations already on the ground, allowing the album and its contributors to make a greater impact on aid efforts with each purchase.”

The compilation is truly eclectic and features tracks across the spectrum of bass music. There are some super deep, heady vibes, chill and uplifting tracks, minimalistic and tribal sounds, dance floor movers, high energy glitch hop, and even a couple of heavy tracks. There is a lot to love in there, and even if a couple of tracks my not be exactly your taste, there is not much to complain about – the compilation comes in at an outstanding grand total of 32 tracks. The national cast of producers on board range from well established artists like Ill Gates, Kaminanda, Cualli, and Knowa Lusion, to rising producers like Heavenly Father, up and comers like Intellitard, side projects from major acts like POCKiTZ (Love and Light side project), and even some new comers bringing new, never before heard styles to the release. Heck, even our writers Jex Ime and Kanizzle have a track on the compilation as Subatomica. All and all each of the 32 artists featured on the compilation has donated an “A” game track for a great cause.

DJs and listeners alike are pretty much guaranteed to find some real gems in this compilations. It’s one you are going to want to jam on the regular. All proceeds go directly to relief organizations working in Nepal, and all music and artwork has been donated to the release. Speaking of artwork, a purchase of the compilation also includes digital downloads of 11x 17 posters and alternate album artwork by the legendary Android Jones. The compilation is available on bandcamp for a minimum donation of $11.11. Considering the huge amount of art and music that comes with it and the support it brings to a nation in need, it’s absolutely a must have. Help Be Green Records and Street Ritual raise money for Nepal relief efforts and get an amazing compilation in return – we think that’s a huge win!

You can grab The Nepalese Relief Benefit Compliation on bandcamp and support a great cause for a minimum donation.

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