Must Listen: Digital Rust – Squishy

Holy sound design Batman! It’d be simple to compare the bay area’s Digital Rust to Tipper, as he certainly takes some ques from the man, but this is All The Machines, and we like to look deeper. If there’s one thing that’s absolutely outstanding about this release, it’s the sound design. Perfection. This one deserves two listens: once on a big system, and again in headphones. The extraterrestrial sounds hit hard and bounce back and fourth from left to right with expert use of stereo imaging. It’s an audio treat.

Energy-wise this release feels a bit toned down for Digital Rust  – it’s full of mid tempo funk and signature super swung drums, but it feels a bit more aware of itself. The release as a whole has kind of an emotional and sobered approach to the alien glitch style. This is a really nice change of pace though. The Tipper-esq glitch style tends to get a bit monotonous now that so many have picked up on it. It’s refreshing to hear someone put some tangible emotion into it, and that makes this a must listen.

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