Must Listen: Egia’s ‘FUTURPHYSIKS’ EP

MalLabel Music has once again given us a uniquely eclectic body of music to indulge our senses in.  Representing the east coast in the most gorgeous of ways while still maintaining that signature east coast groove, I give you the lovely Egia.  Her newest EP, FUTURPHYSIKS, is a concoction of rhythmic dreams and beautiful soundscapes.  Utilizing delicate melodies with enticing vocals, her music is nothing short of fiercely enchanting – filled with intricate effects and elegant instrumentation.  The EP begins with the track, ‘Unstoppable’ – an urban melancholy that gives a sense of beauty to the sadness – eloquent in its delivery, haunting in the memories it invokes.  ‘Static Change’ follows, seducing with a late night romance by piano instrumentation and delicious jazz timbres. The title track, ‘Futurphysiks’, is quite the intelligent composition with an undeniable rhythm section, complete with a perfect kick, and ‘Street Walker’ fulfills any craving you might have for pure, hard kicking Drum and Bass.  Concluding the EP is ‘Degeneration’, featuring Courtney Wetzel, bringing back the urban funk with powerful vocals, delicious glitched out effects, and once again, that groovy rhythm section that brings me back to my days dancing at sexy after hour clubs in my home of NYC.  Hands down, Egia is a phenomenal producer – I have no doubt she will be inspiring the masses with her immense talent sooner than later.


Purchase Egia’s FUTURPHYSKIS EP now via MalLabelMusic on Beatport

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