Must Listen: GriGori – Tantric Shaman EP

As I was putting together some notes for articles here on All The Machines, I decided I needed some background music.  I went through my iTunes folder and came across this, something that came highly recommended back in September yet I never listened to.


Psychedelic meanderings through a trap filled DMT trip somewhere on the far side of Saturn is the best way to describe this delicacy.  Please, for (insert deity of your choice here)’s sake, go download this right NOW!!!!!  It’s a pay-what-you-want release, so you can get it for free….but, if you dig it, help the brotha out and at least throw him a buck or two.  It takes a LONG time to craft masterpieces of this nature…

Find your path through GriGori’s musical journey here:  Facebook || Soundcloud


Tell us what you think of GriGori’s musical masterpiece here…

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