Must Listen – Kush Arora ‘Only Now’

These days as I occasionally wade the nearly endless sea of available electronic musics for inspiration, I find myself bored out of my mind by the plethora of useless cookie-cutter attempts at the latest musical genre-craze.   More Future Trap!!  Whoa…

So needless to say, when I stumble on something truly different, it makes my day.  And that’s exactly what we’ve got here on this self-titled EP from Kush Arora under his new moniker, Only Now from Record label Records.  This Zouk bass meets NIN and The Bug with a hint of Mad Professor.  Visualize African rhythms & sounds emerging out of the distant ether of  space in a futuristic post apocalyptic landscape, drenched in dark, industrial effects, conjuring vivid images of something not unlike Mad Max, and chugging like an engine until climaxing in a wall of multi-layered, distorted, syncopated rhythm.

The juxtaposition here of organic Afro rhythms & percussion vs  cold, unforgiving Industrial sounds and distortion is perfect, and the compositions are ambitious and epic, recalling everything from Dub to Digital Hardcore,  with hints of Jungle and Dancehall just for fun.

This is epic, dark, beautiful stuff, folks, and should be perfect for cleansing your palette and flossing your dome.   And best of all (because we love all the machines), the album is available on cassette tape, featuring  a bonus track!  I’m cleaning the heads on my tape player as we speak…

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