Must Listen: Lapcat – Rabbit Hole

Lapcat is an eclectic trio bridging two continents, with members hailing from Zurich, Switzerland and Boulder, Colorado.   They are dexterous in electro acoustic instrument blends, and Cate Coslor’s voice is hauntingly beautiful.  These guys are magic to me.  They are steeped in authenticity, something I at times long for in this big fish bowl we all call home.  Someone once said to me that the ability to make music timeless is a rare gift.  I agree.  Lapcat does an incredible job of sculpting exactly that sort of timelessness in their music, creating a sort of nostalgic presence.  I keep imagining when listening to their new album titled Blitzpop – “this feels familiar, have we been down this rabbit hole before?”

A deja vu, and not the kind sometimes associated with melancholy.  Au contraire.  This musical menagerie is ripe with that of the long standing.  I can see putting this album on years from now and appreciating it just as much as I do today.

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