Must Listen: Megowan takes us on a journey into the Wormhole

As a longtime dj, I’m REALLY picky when it comes to live sets from other dj’s.  And highly critical.  For full disclosure, edm and bass music is cool and all, but my first love was and always will be hip-hop.    With that said and without getting too into my obsession with hip-hop music and culture (I’m sure it will show it’s face in many future posts), my tastes obviously lean towards the breakbeat laden 75-100bpm hip-hop ascetic when it comes to electronic music.  Trap, juke, footwork, twerk, genre-defying mid-tempo, etc….  I also like things heavy.  Grimy.  Nasty.  Riddims and saw synths that make sweat drip from the walls the room is moving so hard.  And slightly psychedelic, but not so far out there that I have to be out of my mind to get up on the get down.


I wish I could have been in the room that night for this one from Megowan, because it basically meets all my criteria for what I consider to be a BADASS set!  Wormhole Wednesday’s in Oakland are becoming a bit of a legend in the Bay area (and beyond) for hosting the best and brightest in the bass music world, and Megowan deserves to be mentioned right up there with all the best acts that have played this stellar event.  His original productions are top notch, he’s been at the heart of a mobile dance scene in the Bay with his ZEROdB Silent Disco, and he’s a heavy hitting member of the flow arts community to boot.  Opening for Zion I’s very own Amp Live (back to my obsession with hip hop), he brought out an arsenal of all the thick and weighty breakbeat driven bass bangers, which as he says –


“was a bunch of originals, some unreleased, and stuff from the homies.”


Enjoy this live masterpiece, and when you get a chance peep Megowan’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages for more!

Hey you!  Yeah, I’m talking to you!  Please share some of your favorite Wormhole Wednesday live sets in the comments below!

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