Must Listen – Mochipet feat. Mr. Lif’s ‘Spark’ + Remixes

At a time when electronic music has blown up to ungodly proportions, it is difficult to sift through the static to find something unique. Enter Mochipet featuring Mr. Lif’s new , name your price release:  Spark.  Of course, there is no shock that this avant-garde work is crafted from these two phenomenal artists.  Straight up, this is quite possibly one of the most powerful pieces of musical art I have heard in a long time.  Almost cinematic in its delivery, Spark is far more than a collaboration – it is the auditory absinthe you sip in a twisted club in Amsterdam, anxiously awaiting for the medicine to set you on a journey through your soul.   The original track is a piece of sorcery made in the depths of all that is deliciously haunting and is quite genius in its technical composition.  This Mochipet and Mr. Lif masterpiece harbours dark timbres of intense rhythms. Currents of hypnotic tones layered underneath dominant melodies flow with a thick bass line hot through your bloodstream, leaving you covered in chills, fighting to catch your breath.  Strong classical influences signature to Mochipet’s unique style, blended with hip hop percussion, woven together with the dynamic and poetic construction of Mr. Lif’s vowels and consonants – Spark is the fire driven, paramount piece of music that we have all been craving.  When playing, be sure to give an intentional listen to the lyrics.  Spark does something beautiful – it gives you a strength of light in the darkness of your own shadows.  It makes your remember, helps you relate.  It is unparalleled.

“If you envision that light through the dark, through the spirit of the heart better follow that spark”

With the original track, comes a fierce cast of remixers – each one breaking out their unique blend of passion and skill, making this one of the most insane trips to the dark side I have experienced in quite some time. Hyper intelligent and ranging far and wide on the eclectic realms of genre bending, each remix has something special to offer.  Kraddy simply destroys any predisposed notion you would have with a sovereign piece of brilliance so much that one could almost envision Zeus striking Earth with lightning bolts while it plays.  Lamebot gets groovy and funky with major geek credit for using a Navi sample, while AMB’s remix is chock full of glitch hop yumminess with a creative take on the lead melody.  Knight Rider’s continues  with sexy, glitch hop weirdness that gives use to surreal spacey synths and a genius take on the vocals.  Great Scott’s Tachikoma’s remix punches hard with solid percussion and innovative synth madness. ghostNOTES is incredibly suis generis with a surprise piano and obvious Moombahton influence primarily heard in the incorporated Dem Bow rhythm.  Bionik, one of the masters of trap, brings it hard with his stellar contrast of gorgeous minimalism and big room synths.  Omega’s dubstep mix of lovely arpeggiations, a heart pounding kick, and melodic synths round up this phenomenal crew.  As a treat, Mochipet even has his own gorgeous Phantom mix of Spark, complete with an instrumental version, and acapella track.

Simply put – you need this beautiful work of art.


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