Must Listen: Molten Chore by Ethan Glass

Back in early 2013, a new label popped up on my radar known as Saturate.  Based in Hamburg, Germany, this digital (and vinyl) label has been at the forefront of the psychedelic trap scene.  Bleep Bloop, G Jones, BoeBoe, Ganz, Subp Yao, Zeke Beats, and many more incredible producers have put records out over the past 2 years through this imprint, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  I became aware of one of their up and coming producers, Ethan Glass, through a track on their Vol 4 compilation entitled Ragnaros.  I instantly fell in love with his sound.  While it still contains all the weird 4am vibes I’ve come to know and love from Saturate, there was a level of grime and fullness to the track that instantly had my eardrums hooked.  While I really enjoy listening to a lot of the more minimal stuff they put out, as a DJ trained in the art of east coast hip hop, I’ve always preferred the energy that a distorted and dirty filled up audio spectrum brings to the dance floor…and Ethan Glass does just that with every single track I’ve heard since.


Hailing from the bass music melting pot of Richmond, VA (Mr Jennings, Akasha, Groove Status, Sultans), Ethan Glass has just released his first proper full EP of material on Saturate, Molten Chore.  This pay-what-you-want masterpiece is sure to wear out the tape deck in your ride…er….you know what I mean.  Thick bass, punchy drums, and bright full analog synth goodness meets psychedelic gangster.  We asked Ethan to give us a quick insight into the record –


“this EP is over a years worth of work, some of the songs initially got started last march but I wanted to make sure for my first EP it had the right sound I was going for – a big part of that sound is my analog gear that took me along time to build and learn but in the end it came out exactly how I wanted.”


Okay, enough talking…now go pick up the record and sink into the abyss with Molten Chore!  Get it here!


|| Check out Ethan Glass on Soundcloud and Facebook || Purchase Molten Chore on Bandcamp ||




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