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Swarm Theory‘, Omelette Records’ 10 year anniversary compilation, is one super tasty plate of dub. Ever notice how when describing sounds/music, we tend to use other physical experiences to describe them? “Yummy” ( generally a taste), “blissful” (a state of mind or being), “squishy & crunchy” (tactile or touch based). We use a certain diction to describe the feeling music gives us, one in that it is poetic.  To me, this compilation is exactly that – poetry.

Delving deep into the matrix of this compilation, it is what feels to be an ever unfolding journey of the best of modern sound, masterfully splashed with live and acoustic instrumentation. If I were to take a bite of this dub affair, it would taste like a savory treat: crisp on the outside and smooth all the way through. Delectable!

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Check out all of the individual artists’ Soundclouds here:

OPIUO – @opiuo
Dave Tipper – @tippermusic
Mr. Bill – @mrbillstunes
JPOD – @jpodtbc
Russ Liquid – @russliquid
Andreilien – @andreilien
Fine Cut Bodies – @fine-cut-bodies
Spoonbill – @spoonbill-sound
Griff – @griff
Cheshire – @cheshire
Adham Shaikh – @adhamshaikh


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