Must Listen: Reinhold’s ‘Wintry Mix’ series

Richmond, Virginia is a magical place for music.  The home of Gwar, Cracker, Aimee Mann, Skillz, D’Angelo…and in the bass music world…..friends and cohorts Mr Jennings, Groove Status, Ethan Glass….and….this guy.  This guy I refer to is Reinhold.  I love Reinhold.  Like, really really have a thing for this man in my heart.  He’s a dear friend and I value our relationship and wild times we’ve had together, but that’s another story that would take WAY too long to unfold on this page.

For the purpose of keeping this short and sweet, Reinhold is one of the best and most diverse DJ’s I’ve ever known.  You may not have heard of him if you’re not on the east coast, but he is truly a crowd pleasing selector of the highest caliber.  His music is not only for the dancefloor though, as his tastes are broad…as are shown in his series of extremely popular ‘Wintry Mixes’.  Moody, beautiful, eclectic, and introspective.  These mixes are the perfect accompaniment to warm the soul on snowy days and long cold nights.  I asked Reinhold to give us a little blurb about his process in creating this series, and this is what he had to say –

“The Wintry mixes started about 6 years ago when I was playing on the air in Richmond on 97.3.  It snowed that day and turned into a blizzard.  I had to walk to the station about 10 blocks in the snow.  It was beautiful outside and at that time I decided I would change up the idea of the entire mix into something that fit the falling snow and season.  Each year since I have collected beautiful tracks in anticipation of the first snow fall of the season in RVA.  Each is it’s own unique mix with some kinda theme for me whether it be personal or shared.  Overall it’s a place I can play those tracks that I don’t get to play out that I find to be beautiful and well produced.”

Find this RVA mix master on Facebook and Soundcloud.

What are some of your favorite mixes that fit this mood?  Please post ’em below for the world to see!

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