Must Listen: Soohan – Savior Of China

This track just defined my weekend. It’s so ridiculous in the best way. Driving out to Serenity Gathering, Soohan‘s ‘Savior of China’ hit my car stereo, and was stuck in my head for days. The track is about 3 months old, but if it’s not on your radar already, it should be. I mean really, all of Soohan‘s music should be. It’s rare that a producer’s sense of humor shines through their music so awesomely, and ‘Savior of China’ made me laugh out loud. This track, like a lot of Soohan‘s music, seems completely self aware of it’s silliness as it samples Ace of Bass, Missy Elliot, Kung Fu movies, and Chinese instrumental rifts. At the same time, it’s a serious party anthem. No doubt this track rocks any dancefloor it hits.

“Beep beep, who’s got the keys to the jeep…” 3 days at an amazing music festival and I couldn’t get this track out of my head even with so much awesome music happening all around me. That makes it a must listen.

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