Must Listen: spacegeishA’s mystęthęraL

Let me take you back through the dusty sands of time to Burning Man 2012. It’s the day before gates open and we’re scrambling to build the sound system at the Buddha Lounge for it’s first year on the Esplanade. Thats where I met Becca a.ka. SpacegeishA, eager to get into the music industry, learning how to properly wrap sound cables. Fast forward to Burning Man 2013 and we’re building Athame, and Becca, now managing the Bay Area based record label Street Ritual, is showing off the custom knobs on her new Traktor S2. Today, 2015, her newest mix, mystęthęraL, pops up in my soundcloud feed, and I think “Damn, this is good, I’ve gotta post on All The Machines.”  SpacegeishA‘s mix draws you in with a tasteful selection from the crunchy, swampy, side of glitch hop, and than grabs hold of your soul for a deeper journey as it progresses, hitting deeper more spiritual vibes towards the middle, but never loosing your attention. It’s very well executed. It’s been a pleasure watching her progress as a DJ. With a growing command of the the Bay Area scene, SpacegeishA is a DJ to keep your ears on.

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