Nanoo takes us into the Tropical Bass Mothership with Ruinas

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The planet Ork is full of odd creatures and egg-shaped spaceships, and humor is a thing that is not allowed in any shape or form.  So they sent an Orkan to earth to study our odd behavior, and greeted the inhabitants for several years with the words Nanoo Nanoo.  It seems that even though their embassador, Mork, has left us for another dimension, the sounds of that faraway planet have been bequeathed to us to consume for generations to come.  Enter the Ruinas EP, courtesy of Mexican producer Nanoo, and all its interstellar glory.


Nanoo claims the following about himself –  “I’m a 2 year old Robot Chicken/Unicorn. I made a deal with a leprechaun a few years ago and he gave me this really weird program called FL Studio.”


That simple description does no justice to this incredible festival-worthy ep.  Drumstep, Trap, Glitch-Hop, and Tropical Bass are merged into a glorious unity of bass heavy perfection on this release.  My personal favorite track, ‘Dark Rituals’, lives somewhere between Skrillex, Buraka Som Sistema, and the alien mothership.  Sexy Zouk Bass riddims are combined with eastern flutes and smothered in grimey lead synths that only an Orkan could conceive.  Throughout this release, a mystical sense of forgotten civilizations melds perfectly with the all the modernities of bass-heavy bangers.


I honestly haven’t heard anything like this before, or at least this well done, while combining the elements that Nanoo has.  Most Tropical Bass producers stray away from going this hard with their productions, tending to keep it more minimal and letting the percussion do the talking.  This is not a bad thing, for there is a certain level of sexiness that is inherent in most Trop Bass, yet Nanoo continues to keep the sexy vibe going while taking it about as heavy as one can go.  For those of you looking for unique riddims combined with massive amounts of bass, then the Ruinas EP is for you!  The only negative thing I can say about this is I’m left wanting more!


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Have any more heavy Tropical Bass bangers you’d like to share with us?  Please do in the comments below!

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