New Mexico’s Best Kept Secret Festival

New Mexico’s Best Kept Secret Festival

11201930_1119264548100112_8222193655297663087_nIn the mountains of New Mexico, there is a very well kept secret. Each spring, for the last 8 years, whispers start of a hidden summer festival, often referred to as “The O.”  Many have heard rumors, however only about 500 people each year manage to find it. Those who do manage to find it, sing its praises as one of the best festivals of the year. You won’t see The O publicly on social media. You won’t see flyers for it at every event. You won’t see artists giving away tickets for “likes”. You won’t see billboards and posters. You won’t read about it in blogs… except this one.

For the first time ever, All The Machines has been given permission from the people behind The O to post a public ticket link.  Tickets are extremely limited. We suggest you click here now to get yours.


The O is known for three things: amazing sound, amazing locations, and an amazing community among those attending.

While many festivals put much of their efforts into curating a top notch musical line up, The O has spent much of its effort in the previous 8 years carefully curating its community. That is what makes The O so special. It has never been about overly elaborate stage designs, massive lasers, and the world’s biggest DJs. The O has always been about its people first. Some festivals may brag about community, but The O lives community. This notion is taken so seriously that even the bigger musical artists on the bill have the opportunity to participate in the creation and creative direction of the event. Attendees bring a lot of their creative expression to the event as well. All The Machines has been in attendance for the last several years. In that time, we have seen impromptu public chill areas get built. We have participated in champagne breakfasts on shaded couches with Yer Momma, a DJ who has performed every year and also happens to be famous for her excellent cooking at The O. We have hiked up the mountains and watched the dance floor below start to grow as the sun began to set. We have even seen first year attendees so moved by the experience that they stay an extra day to help clean up. Community at The O is why we keep coming back.


56903_564378413588731_333653706_oWith all this talk about creating an excellent community, why let All The Machines post publicly about such a meticulously built and intentionally kept underground event? The event’s founder, who goes only by Deja, tells us that this year The O has a brand new location and the grounds are much larger than ever before. That means it’s time to allow the event to expand. After almost a decade of no public promotion, Deja and his team, Digital Desert, are opening The O up to the public for the first time. Creating the right crowd is still very important to the team, and with that in mind, they’ve been very selective about their media outlets. All The Machines was intentionally chosen to be the only blog covering the event. Deja says,

“We feel that All The Machines readers are exactly type of people we want to join in at The O. You know, community minded lovers of underground music and art.”


Speaking of location, those who have been will attest that The O has consistently been held in some of the most beautiful and scenic locations New Mexico has to offer. Though we have not seen the new location yet, the Digital Desert team has set the bar very high in years past and Deja assures us we will not be disappointed. Check out this breathtaking panorama Christo Perea shot while attending The O at a previous location.


Deja is widely considered one of the top professional sound engineers in New Mexico, and arguably the southwestern United Sates. Digital Desert has a reputation for assembling some the best sound systems in the region. Sound at The O will be no exception. In Deja‘s own words,

“Expect to hear our biggest musical line up ever on some super clean Digi Desert sound.”

The O is going beyond bigger than ever with its musical line up.  The musical selection features an astounding number of electronic music producers and DJs from across the southwest. Just look at that poster. We gave up counting the names, but we are certain that the list is massive. The line up keeps growing all the time, and you can RSVP to the event page on facebook to keep up to date with the latest additions.


The O has an 8 year heritage as a genuine underground festival, and this year’s line up reflects that. Many of the names on this list may not yet be house hold names, but they are some of the best underground DJ and Producers in the game right now. Those who know what to look for will find a number of names to be excited about. We are particularity excited about Colorado glitch heads 2NUTZ, kLL sMTH, and Atomic Reactor. Omega and Crix Saiz are not to be missed for drum and bass. On the header side we are looking forward to performances from Future Simple Project, Zia Zombie, Mandelbot, and our own writers Conscious Kalling & Sattva Ananda; all of whom have made a name for themselves performing at Burning Man. Rude Behavior always knows how to bring a party. Mousterious, Miraja, and James Black are known for bringing it deep, dark, and sometimes funky. Adrack is a regional stand out in the Breaks world, while Yer Momma, and Fries are local breaks favorites. Hypnotic Starr is a California underground trance legend. Buddha Bass is known for his performances at the Buddha Lounge, a renegade stage he brings to almost every major festival on the west coast. The ever versatile Adem Joel has been seen performing at Gem and Jam, Symbiosis, and Arise music festivals the last couple years. House heads wont want to miss Reverend Mitton or Ana M. In the underground techno world, J. Bowra is one of the best. We are incredibly excited to see Deja rock the dance floor at the party he’s spent the last 8 years building as well.

You can buy tickets here. We suggest getting them early to save money and guarantee you get it.

RSVP to The O on facebook to stay update on the latest news.

Photo Credits:
Landscapes by Christo Perea
Photo of Deja by Michael Cappuccino
All other photos provided by Digital Desert.


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