5 Reasons Omnishpere 2 looks Amazing

I don’t always get really excited when a new plug in is announced. But for this one, I am. Like a teenage me waiting outside a gamestop at midnight for Halo 2 in back in ’04 excited.

5 Reasons I’m Excited about Spectrasonic‘s Omnisphere 2:

1) Audio Import – “Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere”

I’m a big fan of using found sounds in my production. I love to drop in a recording of something and see what new things I can turn it into. So when they announced you will now be able to import your own sounds into Omnisphere, I almost pissed my self with excitement. This is going to be a powerful tool to add to the sound design arsenal for anyone who loves sound manipulation.

2) All the new FX units

All 25 of them! Another big boost to sound design capability. I’m always looking for new interesting effects. This is like adding 25 new paint brushes, to paint sound in whole new ways.

3) Sound Lock Browsing

One of the most exciting new features, Sound Lock (trademark Spectrasonics) looks really cool! Imagine you are browsing the library, and really like the distortion (or any other element) on a preset, but instead of a bass sound, you want that distortion on a string instrument. No problem, just hit sound lock on the effects. Now every pre-set you browse will have the distorion you loved. What does this really mean? Infinite pre-sets, and amazing flexibility.

4) New Interface Design

Omnisphere 2 looks so sleek and sexy, I almost want to touch myself. The interface looks so intuitive and modern. I feel like I could spend all day tweaking those dreamy looking parameters.

5) It’s Omnisphere Even Better

Omnisphere is already one of the best VSTs out there. A very powerful sound design tool, and now it promises to be leaps and bounds better than version one. I never imagined it could get so good.

I’ll be snagging this one for sure the moment it comes out. Here’s hoping it comes with an affordable price tag. Perhaps I’ll post a full review here when I get my hands on it.

Learn more on Spectrasonics.net and follow them on Twitter.

Let me know what you think about Omnisphere 2 in the comments below.

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