REVIEW: Wu Wei’s Black Forest EP

Wu Wei‘s Black Forest EP is a delicate mix of digital and organic sounds blended together in way that just moves me. Spiritually, emotionally, personally.

My personal tastes have moved away from the psy synth bass sound of conscious midtempo. Normally, that style just doesn’t grab me anymore. The Black Forest EP, however, is a whole different story. It grabbed me immediately. It’s emotional. It’s beautiful. It has a story to tell. It’s heavy use of organic sounds with the psy sounds is so expertly executed. I love it. This EP is exceptional all the way around.

Musical artist have mixed digital and natural sounds before, but rarely do they achieve such a harmonious balance as Wu Wei has. Neither the recognizably synthesized nor the natural ever overwhelms the other. Wu Wei allows the two elements equal space in his composition; they play together in such a beautiful, blissful, harmony. I don’t want leave this wonderful place I’ve discovered in the Black Forest EP. I am at one with this music. At only three tracks, (and two remixes) it’s beyond amazing how deeply this release affects me as I listen. I feel like this journey has only just started, and I hope to walk further down this path with Wu Wei.

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