Sattva Ananda’s ‘Chiznickens Remixed’ is a Must Listen

All of us here at All The Machines would like to wish a very happy birthday to our co-foudner and good friend, Sattva Ananda.

Sattva has been making music for the better part of his life.  He’s told me stories of making music on computers back when it took an hour to process a reverb effect.  He’s got an impressive musical resume, including working with the Desert Dwellers as a studio collaborator.  He’s also got a green thumb and invented a new type of grow bag, The Awesome Pot, that gives 20% more yield.  The man is nothing short of a genius, and his music is amazing too!

He released a remix album last week with 9 vastly different re-interpritiations of his track ‘Chiznickens‘.  The cast of remixers includes: Mr Jennings, Bionik, Subatomica, myself (Conscious Kalling), Omega, Brian Mayhall, Sebby Fresco, Loop Zeppelin, and Liquid Love Drops. The album goes everywhere from deep tribal vibrations to trap bangers, glitch hop, drum and bass, and deep house. In honor of Sattva‘s Birthday, ‘Chiznickens Remixed‘ is a must listen.



Follow Sattva on soundcloud or facebook || Buy ‘Chiznikens Remixed’ on Beatport

You can find out more about Sattva’s invention The Awesome Pot on the Awesome Harvest website.

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  1. akashicWrecker

    I hope you’re happy mister Ananda, because I had an entire set ready to drop in quite an epic boss-battle standoff… And then this track happened. 😉 So I put my tail between my legs and backed out to rework the set from the ground up because I never realized your track needed to set the mood by occurring early on. BIG ups buddy, thank you for sharing the ear-nectar. Happy belated Youday, and I can’t wait to hear more of your sonic storytelling. I forget where I read your description of the fabled Chiznicken, but uh…. it kinda makes me hope I can score a Chiznicken scoby from you someday 🙂

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