Pizza Eggs & Aliens – an Interview with kLL sMTH

Pizza Eggs & Aliens – an Interview with kLL sMTH

First time I heard Kris Edland, aka kLL sMTH half of 2Nutz, I was kind of blown away. I was like whoa that is some serious alien speak right there. So I decided to reach out and find out what makes this dude’s brain work. He just released a pay what you want EP titled ‘Disheveled’ out now on his bandcamp. < link 🙂



Sattva Ananda: Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

kLL sMTH: *Laughs* maybe in a dream or in some kind of altered state, but not literally, but who knows? Let’s just say it’s an open ended question.


SA: How would you describe your sound?

KS: Hmm, that’s a tough one, it’s so many different things. This question comes up and I’m always like how to answer this? I love all genres of electronic music so I try to incorporate everything. It’s all over the place. It’s a conglomeration of whatever I’m inspired by at the moment but always with the overlying presence of ‘glitch.’  If I had to give it a two word description I would call it ‘Purple Squish’, but leaving it up to just two words wouldn’t be fair.

I tend to write in a kind of maximalist way and I’m slowly learning to delete more and add less, so the track can breath a little more.


SA: What inspires you?

KS: Well, a multitude of different things, when it comes to music it’s kind of subjective. I love artists like, Tipper, Circuit Bent, Amon Tobin, and anyone who is really taking sound design to that alien level.  Stuff that I can’t wrap my head around is very inspirational to me because it’s so out there and that’s what I strive to do with my music – create a mind bending experience. Another thing that inspires me is the thought of sharing live music.  Playing music for people is my favorite thing to do in this world, so the sheer thought playing a song for people is enough to inspire its creation!


SA: Have you ever had pizza eggs? Do you know what that is? Recipe, take day old pizza chop it into bite size pieces and scramble with eggs.

KS: No and No. Sounds so good. I’ll definitely try that soon. Oh, but I have had breakfast pizza, just grab a cheese pizza , cook up some bacon and eggs and veggies, throw it all in the oven.Yum! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, thanks for the suggestion.


SA: What software do you write with? What are your favorite VSTs or soft synths?

KS: Ableton as my DAW, Komplete 9, native Ableton VSTs , Ozone for mastering. My favorite is … it depends I have favs for different things. For pads it’s Absynth, my workhorse is Massive just because I know it so well, Serum by Xfer Records is a wave table that I’m getting into. It’s very similar to Massive and new, so I really dig. Razor is dope, very clean sounding, and used heavily in making my bass patches.


SA: What can we expect from you in the future?

KS: Well, I’ve got another couple EPs in the works. I’ve been working on another psychedelic, bouncy, squishy EP, somewhat similar to my  Telescopic Future or  Serendipitous Travels EPs, and I’ve also been slowly putting together a small drum & bass release, as I have found a recent obsession with DnB. And by fall or winter I hope to put out a downtempo release.

Also, I am very excited to announce that I am about to embark upon a tour with Andreilien & AtYya throughout April and May. We will be hitting both coasts and some places in between, so keep an eye out for the official dates!


SA: What other collaborations or other solo projects do you have going on?

KS:  I have the ongoing 2NUTZ collab with Atomic Reactor. We have a new release coming out shortly that I think we’re going to call ‘Blessoteric’.  We also have another collab with iONik coming out soon, and also a collab with Mr Bill in the works… I (kLL sMTH) have a collab going with Sauce, it’s kind of a housey tune, a drum and bass collab with Biolumigen, a collab with The Digital Connection that’s on the weird 808 side, and I’m also fixing to put together a remix EP for my Telescopic Future release so keep your eyes and ears open for that as well.


SA: Thank you for the interview Kris, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

KS: Yes! I love you and cherish your support dearly, it’s what keeps the engine running and it’s all because of you. So thank you!

Check out kLL sMTH’s Soundcloud || Follow him on Facebook || Get his new “pay what you feel” EP “Disheveled


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