Seclusiasis ‘100’ compilation has the next big underground sound

One of the great things about the Bass music scene right now is there’s a feeling of genuine excitement as artists and labels, moving ahead of genre fads, begin carving new sounds out of  the post-Trap , post- 808 world (We do love 808s, after all, right?) and begin to experiment with new techniques and approaches in their search for the next big underground sound.

At times like these, artists and labels can really cut loose and experiment, and Seclusiasis‘ new compilation “100“is the perfect example of this, offering up an impressive compilation of different, experimental & LARGE tracks from various artists all in a nice 100 bpm insta-set package.

From the hypnotic dub-like trance of Crimes!‘  Bodi Dem,  to Shiftee’s certified Hip Hop Party Rocker Foeva’eva ft Bok Nero, to Slagz & Suspect Bitch‘s darkly cinematic MNBCVX,  the tracks mash-up and move through the spectrum of Bass music sounds effortlessly and the compilation as a whole has a coherent flow & a dark, gritty urban mood.  After all, gritty urban sounds is what Seclusiasis does best!  Just check out any of their Street Bass compilations.

There are tons of great tracks here to choose from and everything is absolutely thick with bass, which always puts a smile on my face!  Some other favorites:Bass Science’s  Year Zero -screwed,  Trippy Grime. Dev79 & Swimwear’s DJ Shadow-esque”Hundo Mundo” and Gutta Kick’s Epic “Trill Pickle”.  Also Props to Johnathan Thomas & Squirrely Bass‘ “I Dreamt I Was Falling”, which runs through ambient, downtempo, dnb and footwerk before it’s over.

And the team is dedicated, apparently the next tempo comp, the 130 edition is right around the corner, so you will want to keep your ears & eyes open!

In the meantime, do your earholes a favor and buy them this compilation immediately!

And tell ’em the Machines sent you.

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