Seduced by Grass Mirror’s ‘Plastic Sky Brother’

This is such perfect timing as we begin a new trip around the sun.  One of my  favorite musical discoveries of last year was Grass Mirror.  With 7 songs of sonic perfection, the warm aural oddities of last February’s Atlasphere ep has been one of only a handful of records that I’ve consistently returned to in the past 12 months.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, peep an article I wrote about it here, and grab this deliciousness over here.


Compared to his latest album, Atlasphere was merely a tease.  Plastic Sky Brother is 14 tracks of exquisite production, a journey to another time when analog synthesizers lived side by side with 1 inch tape and valve compressors.  A psychedelic masterpiece of the most experimental variety, giving any sort of genre label to it would be a complete disservice to the mind of this lysergic madman/genius.  There are hints of jazz, funk, rare grooves, hip hop, bass music, idm, dub, space age sci-fi, foley work, elevator music, ambient, and at least a couple dozen more styles I’m sure I’m not even aware of.  This is obviously a peak into the mind of someone with highly sophisticated music tastes.  One who is not afraid to listen to and enjoy anything thrown their way….take it for a ride to the tryptamine palace and back, and then chew it up and spit it out in auditory nuggets we humanoids know as ‘songs’.  


I reached out to Grass Mirror to get a little insight into his cranium, and he had this to say –


“Plastic Sky Brother is a sonic exploration of heavy sample manipulation and psychedelic headspace pushed through a magnetic tape head. I made this album with headphones in mind; a place where one can be immersed in layers of lush pads, waves of hiss and syncopated bass.”


Explaining this album in words is difficult – Crisp beats, tape-saturated warmth, little earwigs that surprise you in your headphones, distorted 808’s matched with oddly beautiful static, fog saturated melodies placed on half-molten steel then slowly stretched into new notes by a giant half alligator/half shark/half man.  Right.  As you see that doesn’t really work.  Instead, All The Machines suggests a nice dose of liquid….ummm…..a dose of headphones, and hit play.  


Pay-What-You-Please for Plastic Sky Brother on Bandcamp

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